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What does Katie Ayers offer?

  • Katie is one of fewer than 20 specialist paediatric dentists currently working in NZ
  • Katie is supported by a professional team who have a passion for caring for children
  • No referral is required – call or email to make an appointment
  • Regular check-ups are encouraged, enabling early diagnosis of problems
  • Emphasis on preventive dental care, aiming to minimize dental concerns such as tooth decay and gum disease
  • Management of complex dental problems and trauma
  • Treatment with the assistance of ‘happy gas’ and general anaesthestic where required
  • The surgery is equipped with state of the art dental equipment and top quality materials
  • We welcome parents in the surgery during treatment
  • Children with special needs are welcome
  • Our surgery has been specially designed to be a fun and happy place to be
  • Your child will enjoy coming to see Katie and the team!

I love going to the dentist. Katie is the best dentist ever. When I first went to the dentist I was scared but now I’m not scared. Katie is good because she doesn’t hurt me and make’s sure I am always feeling ok. She is lots of fun.